Craft Show Love

I love craft fairs.

Crafting is in my blood. My mom quilts, paints, draws, sews, etc. (I haven’t found any kind of craft she CAN’T do…) My aunts and cousins are all artistic in their own special ways. I grew up going to craft fairs with my mom, so it is just natural that I totally and completely freak out over a good craft show.

Shortly after the launch of Four Little Chicks, I knew that I needed to start working on inventory to fill a booth. Since moving back to the Omaha area, my mom and I have been to every craft fair housed at Millard West, and I knew that I wanted that to be my first show. I mailed in the booth fee, hammered some metal, and got increasingly nervous as the days rolled on. Would people like my goods? Would I sell ANYthing? I was a total basket case. (Sorry to all who had to deal with me during that time… 😉

As the show started I realized that it was nothing like I had anticipated. It was BETTER! I loved hearing people talk about their own children, their hobbies, their interests as I worked with them to build their custom pieces. I loved the excitement in their voices when they discovered the perfect gift for a coworker who was going through a difficult time, or their daughter who had just completed her first half marathon. So fun!And now I am evenmore in love.

Today I am at my second show. It is quite a bit smaller than the first one, but it has been just as worthwhile. I have met and talked to all kinds of women and even got to hold a baby BOY! Seriously in heaven.



The Beginning of Four Little Chicks


Since this is the first blog post, I feel it necessary to introduce myself and my family. Hi, I am Mary Alice. I am the woman behind Four Little Chicks. I am married to my loving, understanding, patient husband, Jon, and we have four little girls together. Lucy, Mally, Abbie, and Dottie are fantastic at keeping us on our toes. Last summer, right before the twins turned one, we had a moment of insanity and added a Golden Retriever puppy to the mix. It is safe to say there is never a quiet moment at our house…and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Four Little Chicks was launched early in 2014 when Mally started preschool. Mally has food allergies, and it was important for her to have a medical alert around her neck while at school. The thing about Mally is, she is FANCY. Too fancy for just any ol’ medical alert. So for her first day at school, I stamped her a silver pendant that said “PEANUT ALLERGY” with a little sparkly gem and strung it on a hot pink chain. She loved it, and so did everyone else. I started making allergy alert necklaces for kids AND adults. Allergy necklaces quickly moved into personalized family necklaces…and then to bridesmaid necklaces… and then to inspirational necklaces… and here we are today!

Our next big step is moving to the country to start our own family farm. In fact, as I type this, we are on our way to view a property. Jon and I would love to have a small farming operation where we could become self sufficient on our land. Raising our own livestock, poultry, fruit and veggies is our dream, and hopefully our reality in 2014! Can you imagine how cool it would be if Four Little Chicks started selling knitted goodies with handspun alpaca yarn??!!!! They don’t allow alpacas in the suburbs, so we have to move to the farm!

Stay tuned!Image